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I can't believe this but I have only got one run left to complete before I graduate from C25K. I never thought I would get this far!!

I was meant to run early morning Saturday as I was ill on Friday (eugh) so I couldn't run then however I stayed up late to watch the Olympics on Friday evening which meant I was too tired to run the following morning, not a bother I thought, I'll run Saturday afternoon but I was still totally beat after being ill & staying up late so ended up sleeping the afternoon away for over 3 hours. Oops! Woke up today at 6am, I had been out the night before with the family so I was still really tired. I felt groggy and bunged up with a head cold that has been hovering over me, threatening to appear at any moment but never does fully. I woke up with a blocked nose etc and wondered why on earth I was going to go running?? Collecting together the last of my will power I stepped outside and began and managed to run 4.5k in 30 minutes. Yay!! Came back with an unblocked nose and a clear head - way better medication than any Lemsip etc.

My pace was all over the place and averaged only a 10"34 mile or 6"34K. I have ran faster but I enjoyed this run so I'm not going to worry too much about time.

Next run is my graduation run, I aim to run on Tuesday morning around 5AM. I refuse to care about the time for that run or anything like that, I simply want to concentrate on how running makes me feel and just run in awe of how far I have come in 9 weeks.

Happy jogging folks :)

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Well done ! I love your Dr Seuss picture :-)


Great blog, great picture! Good luck xxx


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