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Started Week 5 - So Far, So Good

Well, spent most of the day watching the Olympics and trying to psych myself up for W5R1. I must admit I really didn't want to get off the couch, and I really didn't want to try W5R1 and find I couldn't do it.

Eventually, I summoned up the motivation to get out and at least have a go, so off I went at 8pm, reckoning there wouldn't be too many people out and about.

It was reassuring to hear Laura say on the podcast something along the lines of from this point on the plan is as much about mental strength as physical - I do struggle to believe I can do each run, and am then very pleasantly surprised when I find that I can.

Tonight was no different. The first five minutes was tough, with me thinking "there's no way I can get through this, I just want to stop", but I kept going and as usual after a minute or two it seemed to get easier. When I finish the final run of the session I always feel that I really wouldn't mind if Laura told me to run some more. So I reckon I really must be making progress. I think it won't really sink in until I've done W5R3, which I'd like to have under my belt before I go off on holiday next weekend.

The funniest thing on this evening's run was overtaking one of my neighbours who was out for a gentle stroll. The look on his face when he recognised me was priceless. I just waved & carried on as serenely as I could manage...

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Fab, well done! The lure of the couch is always there but good on you for overcoming it, really pleased to hear W5R1 went so well, not least cos I'm facing it tomorrow!


Good luck tomorrow, let us know how it goes for you x


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