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Finished week 2

I used to enjoy finishing a week and downloading the new podcast. I'd avoid looking into future weeks so that it would be a surprise when it arrived. That worked at first, but having to restart means that I have already had the first three podcasts sitting on my phone for weeks and I have run them all.

Having finished week 2, I can now look forward to finishing week 3 for the first time ever and then getting to download week 4. It's only a small thing, but I like knowing I've got past the last Friday without a new surprise.

The run actually went really well. I really let go and went for it at the end, I was feeling so good. Monday hurt, Wednesday was easier and Friday felt great. This is not how it went last time. I hope to keep up that pattern; one day of pushing myself followed by two easy runs sounds like fun.

Checking with RunKeeper, it seems that I am already doing 4K on my current route (even if I'm doing about 2/3 of that distance as a brisk walk rather than a jog) and that actually makes me feel quite positive about the whole thing; I'm 80% of the way to 5K already.

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well done for getting back out there. I'm about to start my own week 2...for the 1st time and hope I manage to keep going, although the coming weeks look somewhat daunting!


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