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Feeling unwell after running? Mental barrier?

Tonight I completed W8R1 (yay!) but have noticed that this evening, and after the last run I did, I've been feeling headachey and a bit under the weather a few hours later - enough to notice. My recovery period is also longer - I left a two day rest period this week because my calves were hurting so much. I don't like running in the heat. Does anyone else find this with the longer runs? Is it my body adjusting to running further, or am I getting heat stroke?! I sometimes find it difficult to know if I am facing a mental barrier or should listen to my body.

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I had a headache yesterday after running in the sun - I'd taken water with me and drank loads when got home.. but I still had a nagging headache for most of the evening - I'm convinced it's dehydration.....


Thanks Steve, you're probably right. It feels like I've had gallons of water but it's pretty hot out there :-/


It is sometimes difficult to know if you are making excuses or being sensible ! The heat makes a huge difference, in my experience. Don't try and match the speed/pace you achieved on cooler runs - start off very slowly and gently and build up when/if you feel able. Don't be afraid to slow down again. Drink regularly in the period before your run and take a drink with you if you don't usually (I always do but others don't unless they are running an hour or more). I splash my face with some of the water when I get too hot - that helps. Drink regularly after your run, too.

Do you eat after your runs ? I think you should have something as it helps with recovery.

I think you are probably right to take an extra days rest to let your calves recover and you shouldn't underestimate the effect of the heat - we've not had much practice with it this year !

Hope you feel better soon :-)


Thanks for such a sensible and encouraging reply. I'll try not to push up my speed and will take a drink with me. I do eat after runs (try and stop me!). I'm definitely not made for the heat, I think :-) thanks again.


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