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Pain in inner thigh region after run this eve! :(

So this is the most ive hurt since starting this program. I did w5r3 a couple of days ago and breezed through the 20 mins no problem. Did w6r1 this evening after work and found it really hard. I think it was because I was pushing myself more than usual and it was really humid. Laura kept telling me to slow down and take it easy lol Anyway now my right leg inner thigh is really painful. Is this something to be worried about or should I wait and see if it dies down over the next day or so?

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I'm sorry you're hurting. I'm taking time off because of a calf strain and I'd simply recommend not ignoring pain and taking all the rest you need. I don't have a direct answer for you but I find this website useful to check out sports' injuries.

I hope you get better soon!


Thanks nevertoolate. I was being a wuss i think! It was better when i woke up in the morning


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