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What to set treadmill

Good morning! Today is W7R1 and the weather is awful. Cannot see across the road for fog and rain and OH has asked me not to run in it and go to the gym instead. I am happy to do this as we have a big day soon and don't want to jeopardise it by catching my death in the incessant rain! My question is, what speed to set the treadmill at to do my 25 minutes? I am really trying to run every second day rather than 3 times a week so don't really want to put it off until tomorrow unless absolutely necessary. That said, I do really struggle with the treadmill.

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How far did you get in 25 mins last time? Your speed in km/h should then be set to that distance multiplied by 2.4 (equivalent of dividing by 25 and multiplying by 60) or, if you're feeling ambitious, a little bit faster (but not much!)


When the distance is expressed in km, that is.

So, if you went 3.5km in 25 mins last time then you need to set your speed to 8.4km/h


Thanks for this, though I did chicken out and not do it yesterday! Better day today so managed it outside. Am loving this programme!


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