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still on holiday still trying to do runs outside

Since the only gym run on holiday were I managed 32 minutes (graduated on treadmill only runs)I am back to ouside.

First run last Wednesday and as I had managed a week one went for week 2 eventhough part of thisrun was on hills up and down i did it withy relative ease.

Anyway with visiting relatives and such our next run oppotunity was today so had 3 restdays but had been walking loads anyway.

Decided todo a week 3 run but hadnt bargained on legs that felt like lead after 90 seconds in the second run. Anyway carried on and completed the oter three minute so did an extra 90 seconds in the cool down. Think I had gone off too fast in the first 90 second.

Offhome tomorrow so hoping the new programme will be out soon to help me run for longer to acheive the 5k.

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