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Third time lucky and I'm back into it!

I stared the C25K full of enthusiasm back in April.

But dropped off the treadmill, so to speak, after a couple of attempts.

I had asked the forum about running with asthma and was really encouraged by all the positive replies I received, but still felt off. I would be gasping through w1r1 and had what I describe as 'jelly leg' afterwards.

Feeling under the weather anyway put a stop to the routine but I went to the doctor, a new surgery where they do a health check on registration. The nurse asked about any health conditions and then helped me with the treatment for asthma in a really thorough and informative way, telling me to take my peak flow each day and record it, and telling me where it currently stood (290) and where it should be for my age etc (480). She then offered me a choice of inhalers and discussed the mechanics of how they worked and the drug they administered, also saying we could try different ones if I didn't feel the one I took away that day was working well enough.

It has been a revelation. I just completed week 1...the whole of it, on schedule, as it should have been done. I still go red (I'm overweight and unfit, so I expect it) but I can BREATH & RUN AT THE SAME TIME!!!! I can't overstate how amazing I'm finding this. I feel like I've had a wish granted, by my lovely fairy godmother of an asthma nurse.

I don't want to get ahead of myself as it's early days, but just to be able to complete week 1 is an amazing feeling. I felt like I could do more, so am not daunted by the 90 second runs coming next week.

So hello C25k, I'm back on track.

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well done, thats great to hear about your breathing. I have asthma and not suffered too badly with it during the runs, only once when i missed my morning puff did it cause issues.

Through this program and with the increased fitness (still overweight but getting better :)) I now hit the target peak flow on my last checkup. I had never hit that before and was about 200 short last year.

Keep going, having the confidence in your breathing at the start will help keep you going.


Good going, beatasthma! Starting a running programme is difficult WITHOUT having to overcome additional problems such as asthma. I have exercise induced asthma, but using my inhaler before I run definitely helps to cut down on my wheezing.

Keep up the good work....take it at your own pace....and enjoy!


Well done, you're very determined !


Thanks for the encouragement, I love this site!


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