Couch to 5K


Day 1 of week 2 of my running programme. The park was free of dog walkers but I ghuess I have to get the timing right. No other joggers as I went a bit later after umming and aaahing. Some people walking through the park. Was glad to see the park keeper too who remembered me from last week and was cheering me on "keep going dont stop" I couldnt tell him that the stopping bit was actually part of the exercise as to do so would have put me out of sync. It was good to see him as it made me feel safe - at times there was just me and him.

I felt this one, which was 90 seconds running and 2 minutes brisk walk for the longest 20 minutes ever. I just about made it before pegging out and my thighs feel it so now the challenge begins. I will have to get the park keeper to cheer me on every time!

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The first run of week 2 was challenging for me as well. By the 3rd run, it was "a piece of cake" as they say. The best part is you've done it! Next time just tell yourself that if you feel you can't go on. :)


Thank you. I will remember that.


Well done. I've got my first run of wk2 tomorrow and although I'm looking forward to it, am still a little apprehensive. Never mind, before we know it, we will be talking about cracking wk9!!! Here's to us runners


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