get in there!

Race for life 5k done in 35 mins, that will do me nicely for starters. Dodging and weaving through the joggers , jumping the puddles and dodging the running dogs , sideways round the little kids (that were running). Fantastic we had a nice day for it no rain! I was a bit panicky seeing as we were on an amber flood warning for the last 2 days, thought i might be running in my wellies and waterproofs.

35 mins will do me though i ran with my cousin who is not a c25ker . She did really well she has long legs so when she stopped to walk my little legs said keep jogging you wont lose anything. Same time next year i said maybe we'll try for the london marathon i wondered why she looked at me funny lol

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  • Well done that's a brilliant time.

  • well done, a great time :)

  • Well done maddy that's really brilliant.

    I remember you said you lived in a hilly area so hopefully the devon floods are not bothering you.

    Keep up the good work :)

    ( remember when we first started ? ) :)

  • oh my goodness gypsy i struggled to run for a minute let alone 35 lol. luckily the race for life route was fairly flat but very wet i quite enjoyed jumping the puddles made it a whole lot more fun , maybe i would enjoy trail running might have to look into that 1. thanks guys . hope your taking it steady again Gypsy and not got any more injuries? xx

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