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wk6r2 and run out of short runs!

Did this run today and am a bit shocked to find I'm now out of short runs! Ten more runs scheduled and they are all longer than 20 mins! I did feel today, halfway through the second 8 minute run, that I was beginning to enjoy the experience, but the feeling didn't last long! I'm planning on focusing on recovering that mindset next time and holding on to it. My breathing seemed in control, my body relaxed and my mind not counting seconds so that's something to work on. Only thing is that I feel if I have to listen to someone singing "I've got both feet on the ground" one more time while I'm desperately trying to lift mine, I'm going to scream! Perhaps if it appears in subsequent weeks I'll focus on laughing my way through it! :)

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Hello and well done! I'm attempting w6r3 tomorrow and your blog just rubbed it in that from now on it's the real McCoy! No strolling along at a brisk pace! I knew it but hadn't really registered. So, we've come this far and we can do this thing to the end.

you still happier swimming by the way?


yes, still happierswimming! Don't know why I run and get all wet when I can get just as wet in the pool :) Husband started this programme yesterday, hoping that the breathing tips will help him in the pool. He's notsohappyswimming but I bully him into exercise saying that dogwalking isn't enough! He used to run 40 years ago so is hoping it will all come easier than swimming. Also means I can't stop now! :)


Well done on your progress, sad but true i liked that song, the one where someone said its easy now use to drive me mad could not be further from the truth, the good news is the music changes inthe later weeks ;)


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