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Why can't I manage Wk8?

I started C25K at the end of April (don't get me wrong I know that I have achieved a lot in a short time, and I think this is a brill plan) but fear that I am losing my confidence and going backwards! I got through weeks 1 to 7 without any real hitches. However, I am stuck on Wk8 - I have attempted the run 4x now and just can't complete it without walking for a few minutes mid way through! I've tried varying my route and this morning even abandoned Laura to run with my own music but to no avail.

I always have at least one day's rest between runs but I can't understand why this is happening - has anyone else hit a wall like this and managed to get passed it - Please say yes!

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Maybe try repeating week 7 before you have another crack at week 8?


I did exactly this during week 8, couldn't understand it. It really is just a mindset thing, keep persevering and don't put so much pressure on yourself. You're right, you have done amazingly, and remember that you are running with your mind, not just your legs and that has to believe in you too.


Ditto what Mitch15 said....if you've followed my blogs you know I'm hung on W8 also....we'll get through it...just keep on keepin' on.....


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