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Week 9 run 2

Well it's week 9 folks and run 2, to be honest I found that an easy 4.5 miles. Again I had enough energy to do 105 sit ups straight after run.

Surely all this excercise can't be good for me I am becoming a health freak, running, sit ups I am now considering adding push ups to my excercise schedule. If this isn't proof that I am now insane I don't know what is.

Enough rambling, easy run totally enjoyed every second of it, I hope run 3 goes as smoothly as this one.

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Hi mikey, I'm interested as to how you are doing your sit-ups, cos 105 is a heck of a lot!?! If you are pumping them out at speed I hate to tell you this but they aren't doing you as much good as very slow roll downs and slow roll ups would do. 10-20 done very slowly would show much better results than pumping them fast. Don't anchor your feet on anything either, keep them flat on the floor, and to add a progression lengthen your legs keeping them together. As you roll down feel each vertebrae at a time, if you do you know you are going slowly enough!!

Well done on getting to week 9 and running 4.5 miles too, thats impressive.


Trust me, they are not done at speed.


Yikes, mikey! I'm exhausted just READING your post! LOL

Glad to hear you are having a good time, and all is going well....


So am I, I have taken to this running malarkey like a duck to water. Should have done this years ago


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