Couch to 5K

Has C25K made you more confident in other areas of your life?

I was just wondering if anyone has any stories to share about how C25K has changed your life other than on a fitness level? I'll start!

I have started driving lessons which is something I have been putting off for a LONG time - I am by no means a bad driver just slightly nervous verging on over cautious. My main sticking point in the past has been following through and actually sitting my test because I've lacked confidence in my abilities/scared of failure. Well it was my first lesson yesterday and when I got home I booked my test straight away for August so there's no backing out this time!

Completing C25K and then continuing to progress every week has taught me that I'm capable of putting my mind to something and finishing it. I feel like if I can do something I never thought I could (run) then there's no reason why I can't do anything I want. :)

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Oh I'm much braver, I back chat my hubby all the time now, knowing he'll never catch me!!! :)

On a serious note though, yes I'm more confident in general and would have a go at most things where as before I would just shrug my shoulders and say "I can't do that" I don't seem to worry then if I do fail because lets face it we can't succeed at everything in life can we!?!

You will succeed in passing your test though I'm sure and good luck when the time comes.


It is true that completing the programme definitely gives more confidence. Confidence in your fitness and in your own body for sure. It certainly boosts self esteem and that has got to cross over to other areas of your life as you have found Rose.

Since completing the programme I had the courage to apply for and get more hours at my job, be more confident in my job, and learn that generally, there is nothing in life to be afraid of.



Yes. I hadn't done anything for myself in a very long time. I have proven I can do it. I graduate on Saturday when I run my first 5k. . Each time I finish a session, I tell myself YOU DO IT! So rewarding... I would have never thought I could nine weeks ago..


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