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what made you start c25k?


I joined a gym this time last year, mainly to use the swimming pool & part of the induction was a session to show me all the machines, treadmill being one of them. I couldnt run for any more than 1min 40seconds on my own. thats where c25k came in. I searched the net & as this was on the NHS site I thought it would be a healthy plan that was achievable. anyway, graduated c25k with no problems, then did a bridge to 10k plan just before christmas & now using the Bupa beginners 10mile plan & am just over half way through. thats why I started. to run longer than 1min 40seconds & I was so over the moon when I ran that first whole 3mins!

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Wow that's fantastic you are my inspiration :)

I started because I wanted to get fitter and could hardly run for 3 minutes without getting out of breath and the image I had of people jogging/running was of fit people. So...I started this week and am enjoying it so much.

My current goal is to run for 30 minutes 3 times a week. When I've done that I'll know I'm fit! :)


I joined the nhs choices site to find tips on post cancer life for my husband and used the user name C25 (having never heard of C25K ) so when my first email arrived with C25K mentioned I thought it was some sort of personalised mailing. Once I read the email and followed the link I realised what it was all about and took it as a sign so decided that I would take the challenge.

When the site changed to healthunlocked I had a bit of a memory failure and signed is as Blueboots instead of C25. Body is improving but mind is failing. :)


I am on a mission to lose weight and get fitter. All the runners I know are lean, so that's what I'm aiming for :-) - I've a long way to go!!

PatButcherGraduate in reply to casdix

Pretty much the same as you, wanted to improve my fitness and become a lean mean running machine! I also have a long way to go but we shall get there!:)


90% self-esteem driven for me after a brush with depression a few years ago and doing all the right medical things which worked brilliantly for me it was the big next thing which needed done - exercise was always descibed as as great part tof the self-treatment; and so it proved.

Really got turned on to it after reading an interview with Ronnie O'Sullivan who swears by it and if its good enough for my sporting heros then its good enough for me.


Some one posted a link to the site on facebook and I really wanted to improve my aerobic fitness. I'm on week three now and surprised by how much I'm enjoying it.


I wanted to get fitter and I've always wanted to be a runner but every time I've tried in past I've done too much too soon and given up. I think C25K is brill because it makes you pace yourself and makes 5k seem achievable.

I've done the race for life a few times in the past but never been able to run the whole 5k without walking. I'm doing another 5k race in April and I'm going to do it!!

I suffer from IBS and depression (the kind drugs can't help, though I forget the term) and getting back into shape is one of the things that might help both out. I mean, I was suffering badly over Christmas to the point where I dropped from a slightly soft 13st to a more puny 11st and knew I needed to do something about my health.

I am unfit. Day one nearly killed me. I think that was a sign, as if one were needed, that I need to do this. It hurt enough to shock me into admitting to myself that it is important if I want to survive.

shelleymcbGraduate in reply to Prince_of_Cats

well done for getting out there. the sense of personal achievement that you get from completing each run/week becomes very addictive & it gave me lots of self confidence, making me believe in myself, so I hope that this will help you with your depression. good luck on your journey. keep us informed with your progress :)

I wanted to get into good habits while I'm young- My parents have always battled with their weight, and have both lost loads now through weightwatchers. I wanted to make some positive changes while I'm still a healthy weight and young, to set me up for the future, instead of going through the struggle they have.

I have an additional incentive now my younger sister has just been put on anti-depressants- that means all three of my immediate family members now have depression- and it scares the life out of me. I'm trying to look after my mental health as well.

Your achievements are inspirational for us novices- thank you so much for sharing.

Annabel xx

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