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C25k has made me dislike my husband


So for a bit of background about 12 years ago both me and hubby were pretty fit and did regular runs. Life got busy and honestly in the last 10 years became couch potatoes. 7 weeks ago I decided to start C25k after failing my job related fitness test and with the big 50 approaching. I’ve had to learn to take it a lot slower than I used to but I have enjoyed seeing the slow improvement. So yesterday I completed 7/1 on the 2nd attempt albeit at the pace of a slug. Hubby announces that I’m putting him to shame and decides to go out for a half hour run . I secretly chuckle as although 5 years younger than me at 6’2” and 16st he’s hardly athletic. So trainers and kit adorned, he puts on his run keeper app and disappears off into the horizon at a good pace. I’m still feeling confident that it won’t last , and as the half an hour approaches I’m imagining him strolling back when he bursts through the door looking much sweatier than when he left a mildly breathless. On checking his app he gleefully shows me that he’s run 5.3 K in 29 mins. Cue a mega sulk from me for raining on my parade. It’s not fair and it’s not right but is secretly making me even more determined. I’m hoping his complacency will be his downfall and he won’t feel the need to keep it up. 😉

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Yet but men are all gung-ho for short spells. He probably won’t trouble you again. Anyway this is about you. Let him be a hare. You’re going to be a tortoise. We all know the story, and fortunately it’s true💪👍🙂🏃‍♀️

You follow the plan. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do. Focus on one session at a time and be the queen of slow! You see ! We will support you, and there will be others on the same run as you so,you can compare notes. See the links in blue to,the right of the page 🙂

Above all, have fun. It IS fun! 👍🏃‍♀️

Jules1968 in reply to misswobble

Oh I love the tortoise and the hare analogy, I’m sure it will feature in my future comments if he dares to get off the couch again 😉


A cautionary tale: my husband tends to be very eye-rolly at me about running although I imagine that deep down he knows I am doing the right thing in trying to look after myself. He doesn't really, though - or rather, he tends to be very sporadic about exercise. So, the other year, after doing nothing for ages he went and played football with some friends for the first time in about 6 months, and tore his meniscus. It was a mess and had to be operated on.

He was a bit sneery about C25k but decided to run himself too - proper tough man's running though, none of this namby-pamby building-yourself-up stuff. (As he lives and works in a different city I was unaware of this until afterwards). Then lo and behold, one fine day he took an awkward step to the side ... and hurt his other knee. It wasn't while running but I imagine the stress he has placed on it lately is the underlying cause.

Two days ago he had an MRI which confirmed that he's torn that meniscus too.

He is a surgeon and really should know better. So now he's possibly looking at another op and more months of rehabilitation and physio.

Hares are lovely, but have you seen the back legs on them? Most of us haven't got those. Be a tortoise :)

Oh watching the mighty fall will be fun . He cringed at my suggestion that he should start off gently too 😂

HeleneCorsaGraduate in reply to Jules1968

Argh, this machismo is so frustrating! I'm furious and very sad that my husband will likely need another op. Feel free to tell the sorry tale to yours in the hope he might listen :)


You need to be supported on c25k, not goaded! I supported my wife through c25k and out with her on all the runs for support staying just in the background, not giving crap remarks which would annoy and demotivate her. She would have disregarded me and gone out on her own if that were the case..😊

Jules1968 in reply to davelinks

You a star husband Davelinks , I will continue at my own pace , let him continue sitting in his complacent position in front of Netflix and when I feel I can compete I will destroy him 💪


Wow, the smug bastard! I bet it doesn't last. They're so competitive, but he will get bored and want to slouch back in front of the telly...

Jules1968 in reply to FlickM3

😂😂😂 my thoughts exactly. The lure of Netflix and beer will be too great 👍

The question is can he sustain it 😏 As misswobble says this is about you so forget about your husband or anyone else. And well done for starting.


Whoop whoop whoop, so jules, you did the first run of week 7, fantastic, well done! You stayed motivated, got out there again and did it!

Celebrate your achievement, we love a celebration! You did good runner!



My husband has finally accepted that I run. He still makes slightly amused comments though. And he should do something himself. But he can still run for the bus faster than me and is a lot stronger. On the other hand he was puffing and panting way longer than me after our run for the bus - which of course he put down to a cold. He can't admit he needs to do something!

A severe case of all speed and no stamina 😂😂😂


Oh I know this feeling..... after 1 year of running, my husband decides to do parkrun with me and my son ( he hadnt run in years). He does it in 25minures. If I’d had a gun I would have shot him ( I’m not joking). However he would never have had the drive and determination ( not to mention the endurance) to run the 3 marathons I have done which has appeased the anger a tad. You just focus on your own achievements and perhaps you could run together which would be a lovely thing to do as a couple.

Ricochet1Graduate in reply to ju-ju-

Ha! Funny, you've just made me laugh out loud,in my garden unwinding after a run. Neighbours think I'm nuts...


Hare... tortoise.... Pride... fall...Chickens..hatched...

Follow the programme, your way... slow and steady and enjoy... AND stay injury free...

This is you doing this.. for you.. and possibly doing all the other things at home that you do every single day, whilst fitting these runs in ?

You are amazing, and you will still be going strong well into the future.. healthy and fit... :)

" Fast enough to get there....but slow enough to see:



Haha, I can see why you would dislike him. Best ignore him and just do your thing :-)

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