Couch to 5K

wk5r2 and one day til 20 min run

missed the gym and treadmill yesterday because of the weather but took the grandchildren running in the park this morning, thinking that the ground couldn't get any softer and had to be just a easy on my joints as the treadmill. Children (12 and nearly 9) haven't done any of the earlier weeks but were pretty confident they could manage, 'cos Grandma does it so how hard could it be, right? Wrong! They set off like trains, were puffed out before the first 8 minute run was over and Grandma managed the whole session:) Came back for pancakes (Grandma had to cook them because they were tooooo exhausted!) and then took dogs to a fun show at the local rescue kennels. Good day and am quite looking forward to w5r3 which I wasn't earlier this week! Nothing like beating the grandchildren to give yourself a boost :)

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wow thats fantastic well done go go grandma's (me included)


And now you have 2 little coaches to help you with your runs! lol

We gramma's are showin' them how it's done! lol

Have fun and good luck with W5R3!


Go grandma go, just remind them of this every so often for a very long time :)


Well done what a lovely day :)


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