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20 mins running - me!!

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I cannot believe I have done it! Week 5 run 3 in the bag! Yaaaay :-) I haven't had the best day and I almost didn't do it.

I don't know if it was a subconscious bad mood in fear of tonight's run but I needn't have worried. I feel on top of the world and am grinning like a Cheshire cat 😻

What a fantastic programme and I couldn't wait to come back and tell you lovely lot :-)

Happy running pe

16 Replies
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Excellent! Well done! It can be so hard to get out there sometimes (mentally). But so rewarding when we do. Enjoy your runner's high, you deserve it!!! x

Lizzielooly in reply to beetie

Thank you, it's such a reward in itself once you accomplish it. You're right too, half of this programme is preparing you for the mental challenge of running xx


Woop woop, well done you! Such a great feeling when you have a good run and particularly when you finish w5 r3. Onwards, week 6 awaits! :-D

Lizzielooly in reply to Hidden

It is, thank you. I'm looking forward to week 6 now :-)

Well done well done! What a great feeling ! Relax and enjoy the rest day πŸ˜€

I really will enjoy my rest day before week 6! Thank you x

Yay, well done! What an accomplishment. I'm gearing up for the 20 minute jog at the end of the week and love to hear these stories from successful people like yourself. Keep up the awesome work!!

Lizzielooly in reply to KD126712

You will do it I promise :-) oh and it's nice to be described as successful :-) thank you! So are you x


Great stuff! I remember that week 5 feeling so well ( I was quite emotional **sniff**).

I believe it's definitely mind over matter a lot of the time with this running lark. I can still faff about for ages before finally going out the door for a run!

You are doing brilliantly - keep at it , you can smash week 6 πŸ˜Šβ˜€οΈπŸ‘

Thanks Caroline, I can faff with the best of them too! As long as that faffing (eventually) leads to getting out the door! ;-)


Well done!! W5 r3 is such a massive achievement!!

Lizzielooly in reply to Glossy

Thanks glossy x


Well done - it is such a great feeling isn't it! Keep it up!


It certainly is Sandra, and I certainly will :-) thank you x


Brilliant. I know the feeling. It is greeeeeaaaattttt

Lizzielooly in reply to nhs2015

Yeah it really is, one of the best :-)

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