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Running Shoes

I decided to start running again after a gap of hmm.....fifteen years....! I'd never been a serious runner; I just went out for lunchtime runs about 2 - 3 times a week. I decided to do a mad obstacle dash for charity and naturally thought that the best way to get fit enough to tackle it would be to start running again....this was about 18 months ago. I followed the programme, but found that my left foot was killing me! It was only when I was chatting with a friend when it dawned on running shoes were a size 5, my feet are now a size six after my two pregnancies! I soon invested in a pair of running shoes and haven't looked back since. I have since 'treated' my new shoes to a lovely bright pair of pink glittery laces - they deserve it.

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Love the idea of the laces - I've not thought of that before, although I do have "go faster stripes".


Oh yes! I love the idea of go faster stripes Heartboy!


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