Couch to 5K

First attempt at using week 1 for intervals - mixed results

Now I've graduated thought I'd have a go at using week 1 podcast for intervals to improve my speed. Did half the warm up walking and then jogged. Idea was I would run hard for the running minute and them jog for the 90 sec walk. Well I managed the gentle hill through the woods not too bad for the first minute, then did 2 separate minutes on the the school running track but ended up walking for a bit as i was feeling it in my legs. Managed to get back into the rhythm in the park but had to walk again after running up hill. Jogged the last 5 minutes again.

Overall I think I now find running for 30 minutes easier. You just keep putting one foot in front of the other. However I was aware that when trying to run a bit faster my stride length was longer and I was running more from the hips than the knees and using my arms. Didn't really come naturally but then neither did any running a few months ago.

I think I'll try doing intervals once a week and ordinary runs the rest of the time.

How have others got on?

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I ran W1 on Sunday to see how it was. I walked the walking bits but ran the 1 minutes as fast as I could which is substantially faster than my normal shuffle. I noticed the same as you about stride length and arms. I also ached the next day for the first time in about 8 weeks! I really enjoyed it and will definitely do it again for a bit of light relief from solid jogging.


I've been enjoying doing week one again for intervals but like Katsmeat I walk the 90 seconds and run as fast as I can for the 60 seconds - I need the walking time to recover! I tried to do this on Sunday and jogged for a mile then did intervals but I found I was too tired to keep going so I went back to jogging for the last mile home - I think each time you run it can be different - I reckon I was tired from my run the day before. But running faster seems to use completely different muscles and I definitely ache in different parts of my legs afterwards!


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