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Post c25k pivotal point!

The pivotal point I have now reached is realising how far I've come but also that I need to make some serious changes in order to progress now. Perhaps I'm feeling in a 'safer place' to make these lifestyle adjustments, now that I've got the pattern of running in place? C25k made me start something I never in my life dreamt I could do... it helped me to establish structure, discipline and also gave me little human biology understanding to reinforce the progress...

Moving on from the programme with the recommendation of a goal to keep up motivation, has been fundamental in establishing my self-confidence as a runner 'in my own right' (without Laura!). Initially this was to be Park Runs but the Azalea run presented itself which I felt was a great start, but I can't wait to dig into Park Runs now, moving on. I am thoroughly thankful of the start C25k has given me and would encourage anyone looking for a way into fitness and just responsible health management to give it a try (who knows what it will ignite in your life!)

Looking ahead now, I don't know if it's a common phenomenon or not, but I'm getting a feeling that I need to support the running now with other training. I might be duplicating what has already been mentioned on here, because I've read so much and quite honestly, not wanted to face the fact that I might need to do MORE stuff! (spirit of laziness rears its head)

It's undeniable now though, that I need to find a way to build strength if I want to keep up the progress with distance and speed. I'm feeling as though the muscles I started with are struggling a bit to keep up with the demands I'm putting on them, which considering how little was asked of them a few short months ago is understandable, I guess.

Having lost a fair bit of weight through the c25k (which needed to go for the aforementioned health reasons) the new 'body fat/lean mass percentage measuring' scales has got me thinking about this strength issue.

I want to find out more about how to establish a long term change of diet and exercise routine that handles weight loss (and eventually, maintenance) correctly; burning unnecessary fat rather than lean tissue and creating the muscles needed to provide the power to maintain progress and general health.

Interesting and exciting stuff. Hopefully this could mean there's a chance I could get to see the kids grow up after all (...and even be a bit of an example of health & fitness perhaps!) :D

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Good for you to think about progressing to the next challenge. You can do it and it will feel great. Congrats on graduation. I just finished week 8, run 1 and look forward to graduation. I am scheduling races to keep me going.


Let us know what additional exercise you choose to do and how it goes.

The journey has just started....


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