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Grass runs

For the whole of the last 9 weeks, all of my runs have been on pavements. I've enjoyed it, it's fun and I can see what the ground looks like before I get there... but I quite fancy a run around the local parks / fields which don't have paths.

I find it hard to run on grass. It's not always level (nor easily identifiable where it's level or not), the ground can sometimes be soft or rock hard and my legs seem to feel like running on grass makes more impact than pavements.

Does anyone else have trouble on grass? Or any tips / tricks etc to help me out?

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Unfortunately I've no tips because I also find it difficult to run on grass. It seems to cause extra friction and slow you down slightly....

When I have ran on grass previously the shorter the better - less friction! In that sense also you can see better what you array running on. Not much fun but if you ran round a football pitch say, the grass would be kept short and the surface would presumably be even so it would be fit for purpose :)


I've done almost all my running on grass as I dont like pavements and find them hard on the knees. Altho' the main place I run should be flat as it's football pitches, play area & a small rough grass section, in fact it is quite bumpy, muddy etc, so I think if you do run on grass you have to accept it is uneven & a bit unpredictable. You may do slower times than on tarmac esp in long grass where you have to lift your feet higher - its just different and enjoyable! The most enjoyable surface I found to run on was hard sand, - fabulous, so if you have a beach near you, do try it out.


I have a couple of routes that I do every now and again which give me 3 different surfaces, tar (pavement) gravel track & grass. They are all different to run on and yes grass makes for a harder run than tar I think.

I ran when on holiday in Cape Verde Islands, their roads are made from a strange mixture of tar and something which feels like lead its so darn hard when your feet hit it, very unforgiving on the joints. Sand is a strange one too as when your feet are planted it can suddenly sink which jars your ankle joints I loved running at the water edge but it was hard and i kept my runs short. Mix up your surfaces if you can even if its only for a short distance it will be good for you.


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