Couch to 5K

Parkrun number 5

Was determined to do the Parkrun again today and not be put off by the forecast. I reckon if I'm going to keep this up I need to run in the rain as well as when it's nice.

The Parkrun I do is on the Cramond esplanade at Edinburgh. It's not far from home and almost dead flat on a broad tarmac path. The route is out eastwards then a 3 sided loop and back more or less on the same track. However, although the prevailing wind is from the west every time I've done it so far there's been a stiff breeze from the east.

Today when I got out of the car it was only 8 degrees and there was a stiff NE wind coming in straight off the sea. I had planned to run just in a T-shirt (see the questions section) but ended up keeping on my hoody top and an old Berghaus jacket. The field was much smaller than on previous runs possibly even half as many people and I reckoned that anyone mad enough to be running in these conditions was bound to be a "serious runner" not an upstart like me. So although I'm trying to get to 5k in 30min or less, today wasn't going to be the day for it and I set myself the goals of a) just getting round and b) not being last.

The first 2k out into the wind with water running across the track off the fields in places was pretty grim and at times I felt I was barely moving. However at the point you make the turn there's a bit of a bank off to the side which gives some shelter and then at the next turn it goes ever so slightly downhill and the wind is behind you. This definitely made it feel a lot easier and I actually started enjoying picking up speed and being bowled along by gusts if wind.

Overall I finished in 31.5 minutes which I was happy with given the conditions. It was also my highest placing but that was only because there were less people - and there were a few hardy souls behind me so I wasn't last!

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I loved reading this blog. Your love of running totally comes across and I could almost imagine running the 5k with you! Congratulations on not only finishing in such difficult conditions, but by doing it in such a fantastic time!


This is just brilliant - I love your goals even though you are clearly better than you give yourself credit for being! Well done you - I look forward to hearing your PB next time!


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