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Week Seven is kicking my arse!

So I didn’t finish my run today, week 7 is kicking my arse…I’m hoping that it’s a multitude of reasons, but I think it’s most just my brain being a dick about it.

I’m fine for about 8 minutes, though today the first 5 minutes felt like hell, my thighs ached, my lungs burnt and I felt like I couldn’t get enough air into them. Basically in previous weeks I’ve felt stronger and just kept going but I just gave up today, I’m having a shitty week, I could blame my freaking hormones but I dunno, I’m feeling bummed about all of this and I feel like I’ve ground to a halt….gahhhhh.

I’m going to do my yoga today now instead try to relax, but I think I’m going to get a flexipass for the gym, I need to be more focused and if I’m at the gym then at least I can just bike, or row for 45 minutes, plus my job is so weird it’ll hopefully be pretty empty when I go. :)

I’ve realised too that I need to drink muchos more water I was so good at the start of this, I just need to refocus and get back to it!

Come on self!!

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I have been through the same experience. I failed the first run of week 7 twice and it really brought down and put me into a negative frame of mind. Today I managed to finish the first run and I actually felt really good throughout. The key is definately positive thinking. You know you can do the run as you did it at the end of week 6. Don't give up on all your hard work so far. Try again and think positive. Just keep telling yourself you can do it. Good luck with your next run :)


Week 7 was also one of my harder does get better! There will be good weeks and the better weeks. The good ones are even though it's a yuck're still out there and not on the couch! Chin up and onto the next run!!


Thank you both so much for your comments, jelh75 it's so good to hear that you managed your run today, well done :) I'm gonna give it a try maybe tomorrow, I don't want it to become too big an obstacle in my mind!

JudyB I'm starting to see how many ups and downs there are, to be honest this is the first week i've truly felt stumped, but it's so good to hear encouragement, Chin up indeed, thank you :)

I repeat to myself when I'm struggling, "Even if I'm going slow I'm still lapping everyone still sat on the couch! :)

I'll report back post run **fingers crossed**


I feel your pain, but how your opening lines made me laugh and laugh. Your frank ness is just great. Great achievement with your running, it s tough but so so worth it. Love the 'fatpienomore' . Wishing you well :) :)


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