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The other side meaning graduation - I haven't died! Although from my silence of late on the forum you'd be forgivedfor thinking I had! :)

After my 2 weeks off (I have a doctor's note, honest miss!) I have returned to the trial podcast where a bloke feigns to be Laura. Before I fell ill, I found it invigorating and not too hard. After a fortnight off, it seems much harder! I blame the heat.

Yesterday, I ran after work (I normally run at quarter to 7 in the morning) and man alive did I overheat. I was hydrated to the hilt and even so, 20 mins in I felt my temperature rise. By 25 mins I was hotter than I've ever felt before so I walked the last 5 mins : /

It's great to see lots of new people on the forum since I was last on! I am still quite evangelical about C25K but my 'converts' have yet to sign up ...

I must say, I miss the structure of C25K. I have yet to commit seriously to a new schedule/plan. I don't know whether to aim for more speed, longer runs, or an event like 10K. The beauty of C25K was that I didn't need to think, just follow instructions!

I don't want to dither about what to aim for next! I have learned over the past months that a structured programme works for me, and I need a goal to work towards. The big fear is, if I don't commit to a new goal soon, I might lose enthusiasm and let the running fall by the wayside ... !!!

So, off I go to buy a running magazine for inspiration ... I'll let you know what schedule emerges!

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Great to see your back, fully recovered and back to running. I am much the same, feel I need the structure to keep to. Rules to follow so that I don't give up/in and return to not exercising, so far so good. Have fun running with the Laura stand in and enjoy the running magazine. We await your plan....... :)


Great to see you back and, as you can see, I made it to graduate. I am feeling pretty much the same, I will follow W9 adding a minute on each run until I get to 5km then work on speed but that should only take a few weeks then I don't really have any firm plans. i know i need structure and goals otherwise i may flounder!


I've found a plan at for 3 levels of ability. I want to go up to 4 days a week, and avoid if possible mad long runs over an hour (just don't have the time!) so this one looks A. feasible and neither too easy nor too optimistic, and B. like it will fit into my week's schedule. Some others I saw were just way too much - 90 minute runs don't sound like fun! (Yet!!!) :)


Welcome back - glad you are better.

The 'proper' Laura podcasts should be out soon so waiting to see what they are like...


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