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Plans are made to be changed

Planned on W5R1 being a jaunt around the local park while the boys had cricket practice/match. Had not realised quite how small the park was so mapped out a 3.75k route to go on instead. Then chickened out as it would have taken me out of town and through a couple of areas I do not really want to go alone.

Anyway, cricket match did not finish til 9pm so I ended up running in the dark back at home once the kids were in bed. Actually it was really nice - much cooler, and I could just about see where I was going! Main problems were a) the cats decided to come with me and I kept tripping over them; b) our old, blind, deaf dog came along too and I was worried that she would not notice me turning for home and would keep going. Actually she was fine, and so was I. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see how I get on with W5R2. I really do trust this programme not to push me harder than I can cope with - amazing! I never would have imagined 5 weeks ago that I would be on the point of heading out for 20 minutes of non-stop running!

Pilates tonight to give me long lean muscles just like Darcey Bussell (lol, I wish!)

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Cats just don't get running- silly expenditure of energy that could be used mousing. Bet your dog loved it though, mine do. Congratulations.


Well done on your get up and go to complete your run... its great to reflect on how far we have come on our personal journeys, excellent motivator too.


It's weird how when you get to those longer runs you realise how much ground you're covering - and that park that initially looked big, now looks tiny! I keep having to stretch out my route and it's a nice way to find new parts of your neighbourhood. Plus, this change in perspective makes you see how far you have come!


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