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What to do after illness???

So I did week 3 run 3 yesterday, it was fine. Started feeling ill towards the end of the day and woke up this morning feeling like death. Looked in my mouth and some nice big white lumps all over the tonsils, so off to the doctors and yes, i have tonsillitis. Fun! I guess that means I should rest etc. i am already cramming some revision in for an exam later this week, I really could have done without getting ill to be honest :( and I need to be feeling ok for that, so I guess I should do as the doctor ordered and rest up as much as I can. What do I do when i get back into it though? Repeat week 3? Just week 3 run 3? or what? Really not happy, one cos I hate being ill and i feel rough and two cos I don't want to stop, I was getting on really well!

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sorry to hear you are not feeling well but you should do what the doctor says and rest. once you are feeling better, depending how long you've not run for, i'd either do w3r3 again or move straight to w4 and see how you go.

hope you are feeling better soon & good luck with the exam


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