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My jogging speed so slow

Hi all

Am due to start w3 r1 tomorrow andi am bout 2 weeks late in doing this due to misplacing my mp3 player. Now wiht warm up and down walk and run i am only covering just over a mile for the duation of the pod cast for now. This doesnot seem very far. Could i be worry bout nothing as my joggingpace is not much more than my walking pace.

Is there any weeks where you increase your speed and drop back down again during any of the later podcasts.

Many thanks

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I remember noticing a tendency to slow down at the start of some weeks and then pick up pace a bit as I got used to the new routine. I don't think you should worry too much - the important thing is that you follow the program and complete each session. The speed can come later - at this stage the important thing is that you are building up stamina and learning to pace yourself so that you can finish.

I tried to increase both my walking pace and my jogging pace a little with each session, but there came a point as the runs got longer that I had to back off a little with the walking pace in order to recover between runs. Listen to what your body tells you and adapt your speed accordingly. If you get close to the end of a run and realise you've got some energy in reserve, treat yourself to a fast finish ! :-)


I was running slower than I was walking at the beginning! Now I just finished week 7 and am slightly faster at running. Most important thing is to go slow and finish the runs so you don't feel you can't do it. Take your time and get through the sessions and you'll build up strength and endurance.


Hi toonfan, good to hear you're still running. Really don't worry about distance or speed that will all come later. Just follow the plan and keep moving, Like cattery, I also ran slower than I could walk for a while. You'll probably find that some runs are just better than others. :)


hope so hehe may start now to see if can lengthen stride adn see if i got anything to give at the end though am not countingon it


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