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WK8 R1 and change of route.

I did wk8r1 this morning and after having done the more or less the same route for weeks I decided to do a completely different one. The result was great. I really really enjoyed the run. The route was no more difficult/easy than my old route but I think I was getting stuck in a rut with the old route. The good news is that I did 4.7k in the 28 mins which I am amazed at. 5k is within my reach!!

My next run on Tuesday will be a new one too. I'm working a nightshift on Monday night and then I'm going to run home on Tues morning when I'm finished. I've never done that before so it could be a disaster but we'll see.

Anyway, for anyone who is flagging a bit i would really recommend changing route. It did me the world of good. :)

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I too have found that I need to change and vary my route and It helps me to have a more enjoyable run. Good luck with your run home on Tuesday.


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