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Week 1 Day 1 - The sun shined ... the rain poured

Week 1 Day 1 - The sun shined ... the rain poured

I finished work yesterday excited about doing the first day of the C25K with Trace - my lovely mother in law. We've decided to do the Race for Life this year as, like many, we've lost people in the past and very recently to cancer and we wanted to do something in memory of them as well as help raise money for the charity.

We got to the park, did our stretches, got the ipods ready and then we were on our way.

It started well with the 5 minute warm up walk the sun was shining, nice and warm with Trace and I gossiping, laughing, giggling - ready to give it our all. Then, just as we started the first running interval, it chucked it down.

You know, that kinda rain that comes from nowhere and belts it down? It was horrible.....

But, determined, we powered through, laughing about how these things always happen to us and 20 minutes later we had completed week 1 day 1....... with the weather now dry, sun now out...typical!

Things I've learnt:

I loved the feeling I got after doing this

Don't expect to keep dry throughout the whole program

I cannot pull off the drowned rat look - invest in a hat

I was out of puff for the majority but did it all without stopping and can't wait for day 2 tomorrow :)

Keep it up future runners :)

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If it's not raining then it's not training ;)


Hehehe :) Love it!


What a lovely first post and I LOVE your photo :) Beautiful.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the next run. It's great that you have someone to do this with!


Thank you :) And congrats on being a graduate!! It's a long way off for me, but I can't wait to get that badge too :)


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