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Week 8, loving it!

Just finished my first 28 min run, and it was amazing, I felt so good the whole way through and had a smile on my face until the end :) I genuinely think running is probably the best thing that I have ever taken up, and I think it has changed my life in more ways than one. Sometimes in my run, when I am lacking motivation, I just think of my bikini bod this summer, and it keeps me going. That or that each step on the ground is on a certain ex boyfriend's face, but usually the bikini thing :)

One question though (for the ladies), does anyone one else get period pains after running? I am not on my period, but sometimes I get period pains after I run. Weird right?

And anyone out there doing this to lose weight, just keep going, your shape will change, I am fitting into jeans I haven't worn for a whhiiilleeee :)

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Hehee! I'm going to try that tip and imagine my ex husbands face under every step! I also am with you on the smile thing, I rearrange my face into something serious if a car passes in case they think I'm some kind of idiot!! Ive lost inches rather than actual weight - well about 4lb disapointingly but can fit back into my size 12 jeans, would like to loose another half a stone!

Period type pains when running are normal I think - I get a couple of cramps sometimes too but think its just the impact. Might be worth a check up at the GP if you haven't been in a while just for reassurance? X


I definitely feel the ex-rage as I run, and remember that I am doing this for myself and should feel good that he will never benefit from it! It's a weird motivator, but it works! It helps that he was sporty and was dismissive and patronising when I told him I was doing a programme that would train me up to run for 30 minutes. Sometimes I wish that I would run into him while I'm striding along... then I remember I'm wearing my leggings and dripping with sweat and reconsider....


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