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Whatever! ;)

Whatever!   ;)

After my ranting and raving on my previous Blog today, "Bitter disappointment!" I've got over it, all helped by getting my new Reebok's, headphones and fist water bottle through the post today.

They say ignorance is bliss but I thought the small blue buttons on the side were just for show, now realise you press these and they inflate the insides slightly.

Since this morning carrying out the RICE, everything has calmed down a lot in my knee but am getting checked out with my chiropractor in the morning.

Am beginning to wonder if perhaps I have been foolish in thinking that I could learn to run so late in life at 62, also weigh over 13 stone, so that does not help.

For the time being so long as I can still walk about, then I shall be content with that.

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Ohhhhh nice shoes. No age limits for starting running. Make sure all is well and get back out there, slow and steady. You can't waste those lovely shoes. :)


Posh shoes ! Can you reach the buttons when you're running ? ;-)

Blueboots is spot on - no age or weight limits for starting running, you will soon reap the rewards for your hard work :-)


Hahaha, I struggle to reach the buttons when I'm sat down!

No, not really posh shoes, I got them on eBay for £25 but they are super comfy, been wearing them indoors all day, seeing as I can't go out to play. ;)


You are not foolish - I had the same problem when I started. Same weight as you and ended up with sore right knee that was hot and tender. I was using trail Nikes designed for a neutral runner. I did the basic foot print test (google for how to do this) and found I overpronated in right foot. Bought new pair of trainers designed for overpronators and voila no knee pain.

If you are in striking distance of a running shop that does gait analysis it may well be worth your while going and having it done if your new very stylish shoes do not cure the problem.


I'm a bit younger - coming up for57, but at 15 stone was heavier. I wasn't sure about all this malarkey, but am converted. The first time you overtake someone (and you will), your age becomes irrelevant! Keep up the good work.


I started in January and graduated in March on my 62nd birthday, having not run since leaving school 45 years previously. So 62 is definitely NOT too old. And I was 12 and a half stone (but am now under 12). Everyone is different but we are all also remarkably similar in that we CAN do this. Have faith, keep at it.


you have to keep on with it. Its blooming frustrating not being able to run when you want to (i've got another week of rest to do) but you will get there in the end. x


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