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should i carry on

after doing w4, iset ofon day 1 of w5 but just carried on running, ran for 32 minutes two days later just ran again this time i ran for 40 minutes. my question is should i just carry on running non stop for as long as i can or should i revert back to the couch to 5k plan.this week i hav,nt been out since saturday as i,ve been waiting for new running shoes to arrive .came today so going out in the morning, what do you think i should do,,many thanks ,,,kev...

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Bloody ell Kev- keep on running, the goal of the plan is to get you running at a comfortable speed for a full 30mins. If you feel you can do this and do it consistently i.e. 3 times a week, without causing yourself injury I would keep up the running and keep an eye out for the 10km podcast!.


Agreed, I'd go for it and carry on doing what you're doing, 40 minutes?!!! I wish!;)


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