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Wk5 r2 not as bad as I expected :-)

Yes its true, can't believe it wasn't too bad, although the legs are still feeling woolly and heavy throughout the run, now I know a few weeks ago I couldn't imagine running for 3 mins, and just having done 8 without stopping TWICE is amazing. Now getting my head around the next run . There seems to be quite a few on here that have just completed that 20 mins so I am trying to convince myself I can do it and have even plotted my run, avoiding the inclines :-)

(yes maybe that is cheating but I don't want to fail !!!!)

I just want to say well done to everyone as it would take forever to congratulate you all individually, I do feel the need for a group hug at this stage so am sending one virtually !!! :-) Reading everyones blogs keeps me going and makes me laugh and its so good to know you are not alone through the ups and downs, I have pretty much kept this to myself as any friends I have told have that ' not interested look' on their faces so i love to read all of your stories on here, it keeps me going................... blimey think i am going to get all emotional now so maybe stop here. !!!!!!!!

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Well done suzz2012.

I think w5 r3 is one of the best ones.

We all fear it but feel so brilliant afterwards!

Oh and w6 r3 is slightly cool too!

It's definitely mind over matter now!

Trust the plan and let us know how you get on!!!


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