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W8r2 - or was it W6? W1? W3?

Younger daughter still asleep with mp3 player and on Saturday mornings she's not to be disturbed.  I decided to load Laura onto my newly fixed phone instead which would also cut down on the clutter in my pockets.  Our older daughter joined me with Poppy as we set off to Laura's synchronised encouragement.  We were warming up nicely when Poppy decided she had to stop and daughter decided she had to run.  

Poppy and I tried to catch up but all we could see was a purple blur in the distance running up the hill. We decided to stick to lower ground but did cover more distance than usual by the halfway point.  I think it's the length of time we're running rather than a quicker pace.  

I found myself wondering what music I'd have for my W10 runs should I get there then, just as we were going through a gate (well, Poppy was actually going under it), Laura announced a welcome to W6.  I slowed enough to reset the podcast to the right time and had no sooner recovered from battling with Poppy for the best bits of the narrow path when Laura welcomed me to W1.  Clearly a technical fault somewhere but we got back to W8 and carried on.  It wasn't easy though, my knees are feeling elderly and I'm a bit achey.  It was great to hear a greeting from the top of the hill as my daughter came to join us.  I took the risk of letting Poppy off her lead so she could run to meet her.  She didn't.  She grabbed her freedom with all four paws and headed in the opposite direction down a disused rail track.  My running speed doubled but I was still overtaken by my daughter.  Meanwhile Poppy had been stopped by a man out for a walk on crutches!  I take my hat off to him, not just for catching the dog, but for determinedly exercising in what were obviously difficult circumstances for him.  

We clipped Poppy back onto her lead and headed towards home.  Laura had switched to W3 by now and I'd totally lost track of time.  Fortunately the parallel mp3 was still working so I had a running commentary of where we were up to by my daughter.  It turns out that my keys were on the touch screen of my phone in my pocket and resetting the podcasts.  I certainly did 28 ish minutes, but was a bit grumpy with myself for letting dogs and technology get the better of me today.  Ate one of my daughter's abandoned Easter eggs to cheer myself up, no wonder I'm not losing weight ...

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Sounds like a manic run you had! Strange you're not losing weight, mine is dropping a bit too quickly at the moment - I lost half a stone in 5 days this week. I think it must have been the cold/virus I had though. Do you do any swimming? I swim on my rest days and it eases my knees no end (or maybe that's the spa afterwards). I have been losing a steady 3 pounds every 2 weeks. Good luck with your running and your weight loss.


funny!! x


You sound just like me; just change the dogs name to Boshie! :)


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