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w7r1 Cool Running ;-)

I've been feeling really knackered this week, in need of a nanna nap most afternoons ;-) I felt too tired yesterday afternoon to do my run so it was 2 days rest i'd had when I finally got out at 6pm this evening. It was lovely and cool and quiet in the woods. Because of this fatigue I really didnt know how i would feel during my second 25 minute run but I went out with an open mind and a determination to pace myself and get through it.The first 5 minutes were, as expected, a bit tough but I managed to get through it and ease myself into a steady pace.I really surprised myself as I really started to feel enjoyment during the run, and as dear Laura said I'd done 20 minutes I was feeling really positive. I could manage to speed up during the last minute and really ended on a high! I also could have gone on a few more minutes which is a good sign!

according to mapmyrun, the first time I did 25 minutes (wk6r3) I did 3.28km. this run, I managed 3.82km and the pace was managable for me.

I'd like to reiterate to all newbies and runners here coming up to the biggy weeks of 5, 6 and beyond that it is possible and to not feel scared at the prospect of the longer runs.

Happy Easter everyone and cool running ;-)

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Well done ! That's quite a big increase in speed too.


Great stuff well done! And yes, the longer runs aren't as daunting as they might seem :)


That's so good to hear - being 3 days now (if this sore throat doesn't develop) from doing the dreaded 20 min run its reassuring to hear that its ok :-) Well done on increasing your distance so much!


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