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Week 4 underway and a 10k race booked!

I'm onto Wk 4 now - woohoo! I did the run this afternoon and it felt really good - I was a bit wary of the 5 mins but they felt easier than the 3!

Yesterday I went with my daughter to the Olympic Park 5 mile run - we'd both applied last year but she got a place and I didn't - what an occasion! It was just brilliant and it made up my mind to enter the British 10k London run in July. I entered the ballot for the London marathon for this year and yet again got rejected (probably a good thing with my knee as it was in the autumn) but this 10k gives me a chance to run the streets of Westminster (so the fun bit). I wasn't going to enter - I'm not sure i'll be ready, but my ex went and did it for me lol - so I'm in - so I now HAVE to stick to this and graduate and then push back to 10k. When I suffered an injury I was 2 weeks off of 10k - this time I hope to make it all the way :-)

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Fantastic!! It seems to make all the difference to have something like that to aim for. Can I just ask what programme (if any) you were using/are planning to use to get up to the 10k? I have seen a couple and they seem to have radically different approaches! (I'm doing the Bupa London 10k in late May so am just about ready to get started having just graduated from C25K).


Oooh the Bupa 10K??? I'd have loved that - too soon for me though :-) I have a brilliant 10k plan that is a couch to 10k plan that I'll jump in on on about Wk 5 when I've completed the 5k run. I'm not sure what it actually is lol - a friend of mine sent it to me as she'd used it and got on brilliantly with it - its a 12 week programme - I'm happy to email it to you - is there a pm facility on here?


There is, but you don't seem to be able to add attachments, so I've pm'd you my email address. Click on Messages on the green bar near the top of the screen to get to your Inbox.

NB to get into the Bupa 10k I had to commit to raise minimum £250 for WaterAid - yikes! I'm hoping my church community will be very supportive otherwise I'll have to make up the difference myself! Mind you when I did the Playtex Moonwalk about 9 years ago they were brilliant and I got about £1300.....:-)


Wow!!!! That's an incredible amount that you raised! I'm always so nervous of signing up for charity places - the VLM ones are nearly 2k each, some more! I'm going to run for Guide Dogs - I was booked to run for them on the Bath Half in 2011 but had my injury and couldn't do it - I promised them I'd run for them as soon as I was able - didn't think it would be over a year... :-/


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