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completed r3 w1 yest (2nd time of trying)knees were aching a bit after r2 but then got better shoes and gel insoles and thought i'd be ok ,

was pleased to complete r3 but knees ached all day, like someone poking a finger in the side of my knee.Iced it and applied ho water bottle,its not as bad today and it is a rest day,sooo nervous about tomorrow R1 W2 what to do??

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Did you stretch afterwards, that really helps to alleviate aches and pains? If you have changed footwear you will feel different because everything will be aligned slightly differently and you will feel it in a different place. Some soreness is realistic right through the programme but it's a sign the body is changing.

People are really sceptical that stretching can help, but when you've just shocked your unfit muscles/tendons/ligaments by doing something unfamiliar to them, stretching discourages them from tensing up for the rest of the day, gets the fluids flowing around them and makes sure that you can get on with normal activities. It can also help you focus on good posture and alignment.


I totally agree about the stretching. I used to think it was pointless but have really noticed the benefits of stretching, even an hour after doing it. it really frees up the muscles & stops them remaining tight. I must admit I never started stretching until I noticed aches & pains between/after runs.

once you get into the habit of stretching it becomes part of a run.


SarahSpangles...Shelleymcb..thank you so much for your replies,i have been sort of stretching but i think i was making a very bad job of it,i was a bit scared i had done something serious but i think it is just doing something very new.i will be good and take more care with stretching .today was a rest day ,i may also make tomorrow one and see how i feel the next day .thanks againx


had 2 rest days now and knees still aching .going to take it easy.maybe running not for me .when better i will have another go but dont want to do any permanent damage,rather defeats the object.feeling despondent today


if your knees are protesting a bit why not repeat week 1 but as a

walking exercise, stride out faster for the running bits and go back to a gentler walk for the walking bits on the podcast, this will give the knees a chance to settle down and instead of giving up you will be getting into the habit of regular exercise which has to be a good thing. Then when your knees are recovered you can give the runs another go. When you first start up after doing no exercise for a while everything seems creaky and achey at first


that is such good advice,as i love walking anyway will definitely follow this advice and also previous advice about stretching properly,many thanks for all replies x


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