Who'd like to try our new podcast? (Calling recent graduates)

Hi all, Laura here.

We're working on some new podcasts for all you Couch to 5k graduates out there, and we'd love your feedback on our first sample that is currently in development.

Ideally, we'd like volunteers who'd be willing to take it for a run this weekend - after which, we'd like you to provide your feedback via an online questionnaire.

If you're keen, send me a message and I'll send you the link to download it from and the link to our online questionnaire.

Thanks everyone


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48 Replies

  • Arrgh, Laura I'd love to run to a new podcast, but can't run right now because of an injured right ankle trying to do a ten miler! However, I'd still like to hear the music if possible for when I get back to it? (itching stuck at home!!!)


  • Hi Laura, I run on Saturday's so I'd be willing to give it a go.

  • Delighted to hear there's more podcasts on the way. Laura, you've no idea how much encouragement you are to a wobbly jogger and her dog. Thank you.

  • Thanks Beckipeg. What a lovely message! Let's hope our 'user-testing' will deliver you all a great set of new podcasts to enjoy.

  • Hi Laura

    I'm a graduate of C25k (Wahoo me!)

    I'm running this weekend and will happily try out your new podcast

    Mary x

  • yes I d like to try. On week 7 of other podcast and love it

  • me too. will be running over the weekend so this will be something nice & new to listen to.

  • Me too got a run planned for tomorrow and another Monday.

  • Can't wait to see /hear what these will be....please hurry I need them soon! :)

  • Wish I'd graduated so I could try this. But this week is week 9 for me. Looking forward to hearing the results, though.

  • Hi Laura

    I graduate this week and would love to try it out.


  • Hi

    If anyone wants to know how they compare to other runners take a look at Poole Parkrun where the results are sorted by age and gender. Remeber that you will go a lot faster running with 150 other people than you would on your own. Poole Parkrun has a great atmosphere.

  • Hi Laura yes please I'd like a go.

  • Hi Laura, another recent graduate here and I'd like to give it a go.

  • hi laura was just wondering what i was going to do without you! i would love to try it out tomorrow morning - thanx for getting me running again i suffer from depression and cant believe how much running is helping me but i would never have got this far without the podcast x

  • Hi Laura

    I'd love to try this on Sunday.


  • Yes yes yes!! I miss you Laura!!! :)

  • Hi I'm on week 9 now and would love to try the new podcast out - I was beginning to wonder what to do for motivation when I got to the end!?! lol I've just come back from a run so won't be running now until Monday if that's any help? :-)

  • How exciting Laura! I'm by no means a graduate yet, ( my next run is wk4 r2) but I'm doing well and can't believe how much stamina I have gained already! Hopefully by the time I graduate in 4 1/2 weeks the new podcasts will be available. Will they be about bridging to 10k? That's what I'm training for as I have signed up for the London 10k in July and I already have about £800 sponsorship for charity which is a great encouragement as well as getting fit motivated and losing weight.

  • hi laura,

    i'd love to give it a go. i'm doing the sport relief 6 mile run on sunday and getting fed up with long runs so could do with something new! I'm running every couple of days but struggled with motivation this week...i miss being told i'm doing great or only got 5 mins to go!

  • Would love to try it out. I recently graduated and am looking to do a 10k with a longer term goal of a half-marathon. I've really appreciated the C25K podcast as it has helped and the friendly voice in my ear encouraged me tremendously.

  • Laura,

    You have changed my life and I would love to try something new for recent graduates. I finished the program last week and have never felt better! Please, do, include me in your new podcast trial. I can go for a run later today or tomorrow to test it out. Thank you!

  • Hi Laura

    I'm on Week 7 and would love to try this out, your Podcasts are so motivational. I never thought I could run for 25 minutes!

  • HI Laura

    Id love to try this but only just seen your post... did my final week 9 run on Saturday......

  • Hi Laura,

    I would be delighted to try out your new podcast. I am moving from 5K to 10K and I have tried other podcasts, but none have been as helpful and enjoyable as yours.


  • Hi,I enjoyed the music , and would like to partisipate, I have just started week 7

  • If it's not to late, I'd love to try out the new podcast.

    I finished c25k last July and just started using it to do some intervals.

    I'll be running tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday.

    So if you still need some people who try it I'd really love to do so.

  • Yes, please include me too. Completed weeks ago and still using the week 9 podcast on most runs. Thanks

  • I love to listen to the new podcast - now up to 8km (five miles in old money)

  • I'm about to graduate - 1 more week 9 run left. If you need any more volunteers I'd be very happy to do it.

  • Hi Laura,

    I have 2 more runs of week 9 left and would love to try the new podcast/have a new challenge!!

  • Hello everyone, thanks so much to you all for such an enthusiastic response. You're amazing! I should have privately messaged each of you now with all the relevant info.

    As we have enough volunteers, I'm afraid we're going to draw a line under this little experiment but rest assured - our new set of graduation podcasts are being worked on as we speak and should be available from May.

    So thanks again - the response has been fantastic - and the results so far have been enlightening.

    I'll be back with more information about the new podcasts, very soon

    Happy running!


  • Ah this is so exciting! I'm graduating soon and planning on sticking to 30min runs x 3 a week after I finish then moving up to a longer distance in about May so this is perfect :D

  • Would love a go, completed 3 weeks ago & run 2 5k runs since but need a motivating tool

  • Loved the c25k podcasts! I'm signed up to do a leg of a marathon as part of a relay team--it takes place in May. I'd be happy to test the new podcast!

  • Is this how to send a message? I'd like to try the new podcasts

  • Hello I have just found this message.Finished the couch to 5k about 3 weeks ago and try to run about 2 or 3 times a week. Would love to try out your new podcast if poss :)

  • Hi Laura, I graduated in October and have continued to run, if you still need volunteers would be happy to help.


  • Hi Laura, I graduated last week and have continued to run. I would love to try out your new podcasts! Please, please:)

  • hi laura dont know if you've stopped doing this now just seen the post but i would like to give it a go i graduate next week and have been looking for the next stage on . many thanks

  • Just graduated so would love to try it out

  • Hi Laura, I just graduated this morning and would love to try the prototype podcast if it's still available? I've enjoyed it so, so much and just want to keep going! Thank you for all your support! :)

  • would love to - do you still need people?

  • I really need a plan, so i would love to try this one.

  • Do you still have the new podcasts available I need a new plan :) I am aiming for 10k next

  • I'd like to try this out please. I'm planning to do a Parkrun and, having done 1 already, I can see the need to improve!

    Thank you.

  • Hi Laura... just wanted you to know that I am absolutely delighted with your podcasts. I have just started at the age of 54 and am in Week 3 and your words to accompany the last 3 minute run have kept me going... you say that in spite of the aches and pains during a long run you keep going because of how good you feel. I've been so worried about aching knees and when you said that you feel pain when you run it made me feel normal. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THIS WONDERFUL PROGRAMME. I live in Austria at the moment and have the wonderful mountains and rivers to keep me company so the whole package is just something to enjoy. I actually feel excited the night before a run :-) - well more walk/run at the moment...!!

  • yes i would love to try it out

    i thought the first podcast series were fantastic

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