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I've never posted a picture before

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Seeing the posts of you wonderful people can occasionally give a a little twinge of jealousy. The reason being is that I live in central London and when I see the gorgeous pictures of countryside and the sea I can't help thinking how lucky some people are to be able to run in such lovely surroundings. However, on a very hot run last week I had to stop for water and a breather and I looked at my view and thought, actually even a city has beauty in it's own way, so I took a couple of pictures to share. Keep smiling every one.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

31 Replies
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Oh yes, everywhere has beauty, and that's the beauty of running - you will find more and more lovely routes. I think your pic is grand, and it will change with the seasons. And you are so lucky to run near water.

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JulieByfGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

I am very lucky to live a 10 minute run from the Thames. It is grand running along the river

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That is,stunning...and has a timeless beauty all of its own...thank you. Lucky you !

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JulieByfGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I know, I do count my blessings most days.

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What a lovely photo, thank you - I miss the buzz of a big city, I really do, thereโ€™s always so much to see and do. Well done on your run, and I will aim to keep smiling ๐Ÿ˜.

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JulieByfGraduate in reply to Frenc

Living in a city does have its benefits


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Don't forget we've got some fabulous parks you can run in too. Greenwich can't be that far from you (a bit hilly though, but you'll want that after graduation).

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JulieByfGraduate in reply to Rennur

Greenwich is only about 2 miles away. I have run along the river towards Greenwich but not quite made it all the way there yet.

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Great photo! I only get to run through city centres on organised events - and of course due to COVID there have been few of them recently! I have run in London, Bath and Bristol - all such beautiful cities. Run proud!๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ

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JulieByfGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

I definitely will, especially after all the positive messages about my area.

That photo makes me want to run there, such beauty across the water, it looks so perfectly clear with the reflection of the buildings, A little twinge of jealousy from here ๐Ÿ˜€ thank you for sharing your part of the world for us to enjoy

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JulieByfGraduate in reply to WillowandSola

I am lucky to live close to the Thames. Maybe one day I will run all the way to the Houses of parliament! I would pass through so many famous landmarks.

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to JulieByf

Yes that would be so amazing and what photos you could share

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Some of my most memorable runs have been in central London. Itโ€™s a fun place to run and so much to see and so much variety. I usually run down from Islington to the Thames or along Regentโ€™s Canal. But the parks are lovely and soft underfoot too which really helps.

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JulieByfGraduate in reply to BrianUK

Wow! You run much further than I could. I do like islington, so many crooks and crannys to discover. A lot of history there.

Wavy-chick28 profile image

The Thames River path has some great views Iโ€™ve never run on it but walked some, very touristy usually around Greenwich but just locals now!

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JulieByfGraduate in reply to Wavy-chick28

That is the down side of the Thames path. In many parts the number of people milling around, especially the touristy parts can make it difficult to run through.

tmbtrain profile image

Wow I'd like to run there too that would be fantastic!

That is fabulous, thank you for posting! At the moment I'm limited to the playing field at the end of my street, maybe next time I'll pretend I'm running by the Thames ๐Ÿ˜Š

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JulieByfGraduate in reply to grumpyoldgirl

There is definitely a lot to look at along the Thames in London.

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That's a lovely photo of the River Thames and the skyscrapers, London has many lovely parks that you can run in and a long run or walk by the side of the river, perhaps if you are lucky you might even spot a dolphin or even a stray whale while running, yes, there have been a few whales seen as far up the river as London Bridge.

JulieByf profile image
JulieByfGraduate in reply to AlMorr

I also live quite close to an ecological park and see quite a few different birds and bats in the evening. Never been lucky enough to see any whales or dolphins but I have spotted a seal once.

Mittymoo profile image

I recognise where you are. The river is Beautiful isnโ€™t it - especially early morning when it belongs to the birds. I live in lime house. Happy running!!

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JulieByfGraduate in reply to Mittymoo

Oh, we could probably wave at each other from opposite sides of the river.

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MittymooGraduate in reply to JulieByf


I live at CoL too. I`t a lovely period of the year to run outdoors.


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JulieByfGraduate in reply to zinza

Glad there's more than one towny on this site that's done the C25K.

Another London Lover here....Im in Paddington and plan to run the Grand Union Canal when graduated. I love Docklands, very different from west London. We can always drive to the countryside to run but country people can't drive to the city cos there's nowhere to park!!!๐Ÿ˜‚ Enjoy your runs.

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JulieByfGraduate in reply to Hepsibah

That is very true. Sometimes it can take so long to get out of town though it can seem to take more time than it's worth.

Voldatort profile image

North London, Muswell Hill here- I run mostly around Alexander Palace- I'll wave to you from the top as can see the city from there! I'd really like a river to run alongside tho ๐Ÿ˜’

JulieByf profile image

I'll wave back. I live next to a manmade viewpoint that gives a good view around london so I may just see a little wave in the far distance ๐Ÿ˜‰

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