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oh utter unrestrained joy!


don't faint when i say this but i just did wk4r1 !!! i was meaning to do week 3.5 but i just knew if i really pushed myself i could do more...and i blooming went and did it. i was called a runner by jo whiley so she's on my Christmas card list...i am literally overjoyed cos i thought it was just beyond me. i am writing this before my shower cos i wanted to share it with my friends on here who have encouraged me so much.

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A brilliant really brilliant achievement, we're sooooo proud of you dying-to-change 👍🙂🥳

changing-woman in reply to Imc50

i am heady with joy and smiling. i thought i couldn't do it. it means so much.

Imc50Moderator in reply to changing-woman

Ok so rest up and stretch those muscles dying-to-change, and please don't over think the future runs, you've found the knack for getting through them as it suits you 👍.

One run at a time 🙂

changing-woman in reply to Imc50

yes you're right. i will do just that whilst listening to the carols on radio 3 x


Yay- that’s brilliant- well done you!!👏👏 You’ll surprise yourself every week with how much you are capable of doing! Bask in week 4 glory! 👍🏻🙂🙂

thanks bambi xx gotta do it twice more now :-) lol OH JOY! but at least i know i can do it now :-)

Bambi2020Graduate in reply to changing-woman

The hardest part is doing it the first time

God you are so right bambi...it sure is. i recall run 1 week 1...i quite thought i would die!

Bambi2020Graduate in reply to changing-woman

You still feel like you’re going to die, it just takes a little longer - you’ve got a bit further ! 😁

oh! but they say you start to enjoy it...:-) ?

Bambi2020Graduate in reply to changing-woman

You do start to enjoy it- it’s a twisted type of enjoyment- it comes when it’s done!

yes i understand. cos when i was doing it i was not a happy bunny, grrrrrrrr, but afterwards WOW THE RUSH!!!! WOOSH!


Well done. It’s so good to read the positivity and joy in your post. Keep up the good work D2C 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

i will :-)

even if a run doesn't work out , or many, i always have this attitude now ... :-D

before i was just very afraid


Fantastic, well done changing-woman that’s a great run. It just needed a bit more time and confidence and you got there. You should be very pleased with yourself! 👏👏

thank you so much. wont let myself think ahead. no way! rejoicing here whilst listening to carols on radio 3 x


Wahey... absolutely brilliant 👏👏👏. Fantastic news...we all believed you would...and you DID runner🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️. 🦌🐢🐌🚶‍♀️🙋

oh thank you for believing in me my friend... i cant believe this forum still, its only good advice and positivity...and you have always been there for me... thank you *teary*

BuddhagalGraduate in reply to changing-woman

We're here for each other...I've always had great support...keeps me going...and you're going to keep on keeping on. 👍👍👏👏👏

yes i will

it seemed so hopeless, so many goes, but i was like a dog with a bone!

BuddhagalGraduate in reply to changing-woman

And that's the difference...that's what makes you a Winner👍

or mad! lol

BuddhagalGraduate in reply to changing-woman

Hey...mad is good too😂🤣👍

i'm alright then ;-)


Fantastic. Told you so. But please, next time have a shower first!

hahhaahahaha all lovely and fresh now...fresh as a daisy :-)


Well done! Now you know you can do this!

bless you x i do feel uber pleased that i did it at last its true

i think the start of each run is the hardest bit too...like w1r1- never again! but also the start of each longer run... cos its all ahead of you maybe...


Brilliant news, dtc! runner!!! *runner*!!! Runner!!! *Runner*!!! RUNNER!!!

oh fantastic... just fantastic! xxxxxxxxxx

GailXrunningGraduate in reply to changing-woman


I missed one:


thats lovely and very relevant


YESSSS! I didn’t doubt you could do it, perseverance wins the day! Well done to you 👏👏👏👏👏🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👍

You’ve done it once, so you can do it again 😀

You’ve got this! You’ve definitely got this 👍

oh jools... i am so happy this afternoon.... listening to carols from st johns on radio 3 and knowing i jut did w4r1.. wowzers :-)


Well done DTC, you are definitely a runner, I’m sure Jo will be thrilled to be on your Christmas card list 😂 nutter

everyone on here calls me a nutter hahahhhah x i consider it an honour

CouchphoenixGraduate in reply to changing-woman

Definitely a runner and a nutter 👍 doing brilliant though well done 👏🏻

thanks to all the advice on here!


Congratulations! 👍

thanks to you !

and i will use your method in the future if it gets me there as well.... it worked!

*has surrounded self by brilliant minds*


Brilliant! Well done! You’re a runner 🏃‍♀️ 🥳

That’s what I love to hear x


Yay! Well done 👍🏻

Ah bless thanks x gotta do it twice more now lol

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