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oops i did it again!


week 3.5. i ran for my life. it wasn't pretty. not at all. but i managed 13 minutes 20 seconds (in all , a bit on and off) which is my 4th increase in a row. i just want to be able to do week 4. but for today's target, i did it :-)

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Great work dying-to-change, you’re doing so well. Just take it slowly and steadily and I’m sure you’ll get there🙂👏👏

thanks david...young beetroot is in recovery now!


Congrats dying-to-change, fantastic job today 💪. These little increases are going to do you a power of good. And that 5 minute run you'll have it In the bag before you know it!! Don't forget to tell yourself you're fantastic and rest and stretch brilliant stuff 🥳

changing-woman in reply to Imc50

thank you for that x


You'll find a lot of us describing ourselves as sweaty beetroots after a hard run.

Well done! 👍

Your choice… you can now go for week 4 or do week 3.5 a third time for confidence.

yeah, what to do... x

i never thought i would say this but i am going to do week 3.5 until its really done. over over and over again.

nowsterGraduate in reply to changing-woman

A wise choice. You probably don't have to do it too many times. The step from 12 to 16 minutes is less than from 9 to 16.

If you do choose to repeat, you could extend the final run to 4 minutes, then the next time, extend both the second and final runs to 4 minutes. That would allow you to progress to 13 minutes, then 14 minutes, making the transition to W4's 16 minutes easier.

exactly so x

you know nowster i was desperate not to have to repeat weeks but if you have to you have to... :-)


Sounds like your doing just great, it's all about slowly, slowly, doesnt matter how long it takes, and you'll be getting stronger all the time, well done! 👏👏👏

thats so encouraging... the Christmas spirit is come early! x

i dreamed i ran 30 minutes. lol. i was so b****d when i woke up.


And the magic word is ‘increase’ no matter by how much. Brilliant running 🏃‍♀️ well done 🥵🥵😉

thank you so much my dear friend x i just will go and go at this till its done. no matter how long it takes and i do think we are looking at a long time at this point... i want this. and ''whatever lola wants lola gets'' lol

i don't know why i want this so much. i think its cos its the most unlikely thing for a person like me to be doing ever, in the world, in the history of time. and cos i was so sure i couldn't even do week 1. well i couldn't. not with ease anyhow. it was a massive strain and hard work. also cos i used to be quite a good dancer and then just stopped. and got terribly unfit. and wanted to get fit. well this must be helping that at least...

RoxdogGraduate in reply to changing-woman

Well done! You're doing just great!

I am really going for it x

The harder it gets and the more impossible it seems the more I want it! How odd!

Leeloo7Graduate in reply to changing-woman

Same here. I weirdly look forward to the challenge. Keep going. You’re doing great! 😊

you too! and thanks for the comment :-)


Congratulations 🎉 you will definitely get there. Trust the programme, and follow the guidelines too. Hydration, stretching, etc it really does work. Best wishes

Thanks so much for the encouragement x


Well done you, you ain't gonna give up.... fantastic 😁😁👏👏👏👏. 🦌🐢🐌🏃‍♀️🙋

Thanks no I ain’t!!!!! Not never x

BuddhagalGraduate in reply to changing-woman

Good on ya 😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍

It’s non negotiable

My legs want me to but my head won’t let me!

BuddhagalGraduate in reply to changing-woman

You've got this...keep going. We all believe in you 😁🦌🐢🐌🏃‍♀️🙋

Aw how wonderful...

I must remember the water thing... I always remember the stretches x


I admire your tenacity.You are getting there.

Hope so!


You got this 👍

ooh i hope so... i am giving it my all...

i just read a thing on here about how the biggest jump is from weeks 3 to 4 and not 4 to 5 or indeed the rest and see maybe why i have been having such a hard time!

3,4,3,4, mins. tomorrow my running times are those. i am jelly scared. but i wont give up. if i have to do them again, and again, then so be it. one day i'll win... it's gonna happen.

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