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I need some ideas 💡 how to motivate myself to go out now the clocks have gone back and it’s cold and wet - I hate this time of year and just want to hibernate! I am up to week 7 but feel I should do week 6 again. When I get home from work it’s dark and I am struggling to get out for a 🏃‍♀️

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Alisonjb why the need to repeat week6? I'm sure you're ready for number 7👍. That cold wet weather this is the uk we can't avoid it, tell yourself throughout the day you're running later, don't get settled in the warm just look forward to the post run hot shower.....

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1. Do you live close to a gym? I can highly recommend treadmills - especially with podcasts or TV programs to keep you from getting bored.

2. If you completed Week 6 OK then you ended with a 25 min run. Week 7 is simply more 25 runs - why the need to repeat Week 6?

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Ali_boo in reply to John_W

I didn’t actually complete run 3 I’m a run behind

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Ali_boo

So when you say about doing Week 6 again, what you mean is ... complete Week 6 :-)

I'd suggest getting W6R3 done ASAP.

Have you got a gym close by?

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Ali_boo in reply to John_W

I’m going to tackle w6 r3 tonight 😲

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Ali_boo

Outside I assume!

You don't sound so keen on treadmill running. I find it's a great way to stay out of the worst of the weather.

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Ali_boo in reply to John_W

Not sure about the gym in the current situation

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Ali_boo

That's understandable. I'm happy to go as long as it's relatively quiet and I have plenty of distance around me. And... the treadmills all face outside, facing the windows, which helps a lot.

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Ali_boo

The alternative is to ensure you step outside feeling nice and warm and cosy and run in well-lit area if you're going when it's gone dark.

How did you get on tonight Alison?

Have you got suitable running gear for dark evenings? i.e., warm, reflective, etc. An obvious one perhaps but making sure you’re as comfortable as poss will make for a more pleasant outing.

Like John mentions, do your best to come home with the intention of running before anything else.

As soon as I sit down/get warm/cosy/make a cuppa I’m done for. I’ve just made the task ten times harder for myself!

Perhaps lay out your gear before you go to work so it’s there waiting for you, whispering to you 😉

The great thing about W7 is that there’s not too much to mull over. You have proved yourself as a runner during W6, you just need to repeat 25 mins x 3.

You’ll be back home in the warm within 45 minutes - no time at all. Channel the feeling of how good it will feel to tick off W7 and have just 6 runs until graduation 😜

Keep it up, you’re doing great! 🌟🏁🏃‍♀️

Thank you for your comments acountrycabbage - I do just that set out my running 🏃‍♀️ gear then just change when I get in - I have purchased a waterproof running jacket with hood and need to get a couple of long sleeved tops 😃

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Hi, i'm a summer person......can relate to your hibernation mode but hey ho....this is where we live....and you've come so far. Can't stop now!! I will if you will🤣😂🤣....I make sure I do a longer warm up B4 I get out...seems to motivate me....go Alisonjb 😁🏃‍♀️🙋

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Three runs a week is ideal but two will do, if you don’t mind the programme taking a little longer. If it becomes a case of wanting to quit entirely, maybe an alternative would be to take longer gaps between runs. Running is easier at the weekend. If you only have one workday run a week instead of two you might find it more attractive to keep going.

When you finish the programme and are consolidating, you can adjust the lengths of runs. Most people do 30 30 30 for a few weeks after week 9 or else keep adding minutes week by week like in the last four weeks of C25k, but it’s fine to do, eg, 15 25 35 or similar, especially if you make the short run a hill run or an interval run.

I hope you do find some nice weather to run in though. For me it’s heat that’s the killer, but at least with that problem you can get up early and run just before dawn when it’s still cool. I think it must be harder for people whose issue is with rain, a pity we have this damp climate!

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