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3 weeks post graduation and I’ve kept up my 3x 30 minutes each week.

But I was struggling to get out of the door this morning. Then I saw this picture and remembered just how far I’ve come in fitness, body shape and mindset.

Some days are indeed tougher than others but we should never give up trying. 💖

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I’m the same, I’m on week 5 of consolidation runs and still find it hard but have kept it up as couldn’t face the disappointment in myself if I gave up now!

I found this mornings run really hard and did less than usual but I try not to beat myself up over runs like this as they happen don’t they. Hopefully the next one will be better ! Well done and keep running!

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RosiepugGraduate in reply to Zippy17726

Well done for keeping going too. It definitely helps to reflect on our achievements to keep up the hard work.

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I love that, I may pin it as my wallpaper! Thank you!

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RosiepugGraduate in reply to backintime

You’re very welcome

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I still have to kick my own bottom out the door some days. It’s too easy to sit on the couch. But I never regret doing a run. I only regret not doing one.


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So true I graduated but seem to have lost some of the drive I had when I was doing g the program. Thinking of joining a park run to see if it helps!

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RosiepugGraduate in reply to Icandoit2019

Good idea. Keep going, you’ll get it back again.

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Thank you for that Rosiepug- I should be off the IC next week and back on plan so all motivation gratefully received!

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RosiepugGraduate in reply to Oldgirlruns

Take it easy and good luck.

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Remember how good it feels to get out running and keep going good luck 😊

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RosiepugGraduate in reply to Buddy34

Thank you. I think I might just be under the weather today. I’m hoping so anyway.

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