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It’s the little things....


This morning I completed W6R2, on my second time round at C25K. I’m so glad I started running again, especially with the way things are in the world at the moment. I realised last year how good running was for my mental health (on my first C25k journey) but over the last two or three weeks, it’s really come into its own. I just feel so much calmer when I’ve been for a run and I can feel my anxiety levels become much more manageable.

Anyway, I digress. So there I was, lumbering down the pavement when in the not-too-far-distance I could see another runner coming towards me, pushing a pushchair. I carried on for a little bit longer then hopped into the cycle lane and carried on running in the road (I should just point out that the cycle lanes here in California are a lot wider than the ones back home!!!); as we passed each other he gave me a big “hand up” wave and a smile. Which I reciprocated. My point is, that small gesture actually made my run and gave me the push I needed to get through the first ten minute run. Runners really are a lovely bunch and camaraderie like that is so needed anytime, but especially at the moment in all the crazy.

Keep safe, keep healthy and keep running xx

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Great running... you got this again!

Those nice little gestures really are a boost out there. I always give a double thumbs up to other runners, but thinking about it my current all black gear including gloves may be hiding this 🤣

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Great stuff. Lovely to read. Those little gestures of friendship and humanity are so needed. Stay safe and well 🌸😊🌸

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