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Week 2- has anyone else struggled running after week 1?

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Well done week 1 last week found it ok, started week 2, first run today and found it very hard legs felt weak and struggle to do all 5 90 seconds, never ran before so last week was a big achievement for me. Is this just me or has anyone else finding it hard?

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What are you struggling with? Why is it hard? Are you out of breath?

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Bexus in reply to John_W

I struggled with the running for 90 seconds and was out of breath

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Bexus

OK, so the main thing to do is slow down - a LOT.

Doing this on you own can be difficult - it's hard to know what pace to run at. First of all get the idea of "run" out of your head and think "JOG" - so nice and SLOW.

These videos should help you :

Japanese Slow Running: youtube.com/watch?v=9L2b2kh...

Quick Steps: The running shuffle youtube.com/watch?v=kQ5wQ5N...

hope they help!

And please read the excellent guide by IannodaTruffe , if he'd be so kind as to send you a link to it.

Good luck!

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Bexus in reply to John_W

Hi, i tried to slow down today and seemed alot better nearly did all 5 runs (90 seconds each ) with out stopping, so felt alot better yay.....

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Bexus

that's great news... well done! Carry on like that and you'll get through the program absolutely fine. Just keep the pace nice and slow!

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Most people will advise you to slow down if you’re struggling, it makes a big difference. Also try and do the warm up and cool down exercises - links are in the How to post 😁

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Week 2? I struggled with week 1 🤣.

You have to slow down. Dont be put off by the name of the program. There is no pressure to run 5k. The main thing, is you get you running for 30 minutes.

There are no prizes for speed here, just take it slow and steady.

Let is know how you get on


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Bexus in reply to RunningMigster

Thank you I will try and slow down a little x

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Well done for completing the run! I wonder if you had drunk enough water? As I'm progressing through this programme I'm finding it makes a real difference if I plan to drink lots of water the evening before and on the run day. Not litres at once, but gradually. For example, if I'm running in the morning I drink wuite a lot in the hour or so before I go out. Seems to make a difference to how strong my legs feel.

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I just finisheed week 3 and i know what you mean SLOW THE F DOWN and it will get better over time untill week 3 run 3”2 inwas struggling

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Here is the link to the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Read it carefully and apply the recommendations about pace, minimising impact, stretching and hydration and you will notice a difference.

Enjoy your journey.

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We’re there any slight inclines? I find it makes a massive difference to ability to jog when on even the slightest uphill, which you’d never notice until you start to jog. Onwards and upwards though...

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Yes I struggled after the first run of the second week as I injured my knees. im pain free now after a 3 weeks of not running. Im going to restart from the beginning later this week.

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