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What fitness tracker?


Hi, my fitbit charge 2 is at the end of it's days, and I'm wondering whether to replace it like for like, or to try something new? I was thinking of Samsung as it would go well with my phone. Any recommendations would be much appreciated

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Fitbits aren’t accurate. I’d recommend garmin. I’ve got the 35 and love it. It’s much better than my £400 Apple Watch 🙄

Gilliano666Graduate in reply to Tasha99

Oh fab. To be honest, I've often doubted the stats on my fitbit. Will take a peak at the Garmin 35 👍x


Just over 2 months ago I bought a garmin forerunner 35. There is lots of information on it and you download the Garmin connect app which it syncs to .

Gilliano666Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Thank. Im converted now. Out with the fitbit, in with the Garmin 👍x


Just bought garmin 35 last weekend brilliant. All family use this or higher spec.

Gilliano666Graduate in reply to Grannyhugs

Thanks, looks like we all agree on this tracker. Cant wait to get mine 🤗x

GrannyhugsGraduate in reply to Gilliano666

Beware it is addictive and if you sit down for any length of time it tells you to move ha ha great for keeping track of hydration which is important. Enjoy


Any watch that uses the phone’s GPS is going to be the most accurate (Garmin themselves told me this recently). I’m not sure if the fitbits can do this... Apple Watch seems to be less accurate in generations 3 & 4 than the original, but an iPhone is pretty much spot on (also from Garmin support) so as long as it wasn’t used without a phone the watch is great.

That all said, I’m also happy with my Garmin Forerunner 35, despite it’s limitations.

Gilliano666Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on these trackers. Hard to know what's good and what's not so good. Im leaning towards the Garmin 👍


I bought a Garmin Forerunner 15 second hand on eBay for £20 two years ago and it was a fantastic watch. I upgraded a few months ago to a Garmin Forerunner 35 and I’m very happy with it. The 15 was very accurate and did everything I needed, however with the 35 it connects straight to my phone rather than having to be uploaded to a PC first, acquired satellites so much faster and has heart rate monitoring. I only use mine for average pace, distance and time. It’s also compact so now I use it as an everyday watch and fitness tracker.


Gilliano666Graduate in reply to damienair

What a bargain, think I'll see if any available on ebay before I splash out. Thanks x

GrannyhugsGraduate in reply to Gilliano666

My husband bought a reconditioned one a year or so ago. Don’t know if it had previously been used or just a return which needed re-boxing. He’s delighted with it. I just wasn’t willing to wait and bought mine off the shelf for about £100

Gilliano666Graduate in reply to Grannyhugs

I can see myself doing same. Once you want something, you just have to have it 🤗x

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