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At the minute I have Asiacs but they need replacing and they are to get more so what do people recommend

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👋Hi Bertie if it’s possible to have a gait analysis, that’s the best place to start with new trainers. I was recommended ASICS for my gait & together with runners socks I have never had any foot discomfort whatsoever. Hope your first run goes well! 👣


Any idea where I’d get a gait analysis. I’ve never heard of this x


If you Google gait analysis near me that should help


I just went to a running store in Swansea (Moti) and had my gait assessed. It costs £20 unless you buy trainers there, then it’s free. I got a mid range pair of Hola Napalis, which were £90, but with 10% off. I had previously been running in 10+ year old asics and it now feels like I’m running on air 😂


This post from the admin will help you with your quest for new running shoes. I went to a local independent running shop where they take the time to analyse your gait, and watch you running in various shoes. Avoid general sports shops as the staff are not adequately trained.……………..which-shoes

Oh and you must post a pic on the forum when you’ve bought them 😀


Any reputable running shop will do gait analysis and fitting, such as runners need, up and running, Sweatshop, and I've never paid for a gait analysis, it's usually foc..


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