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Welcome to Week Two of the September Quest……….the Search for an Indian Summer.

We are looking for those little extras in our running that build the fuller experience, just like an Indian Summer.

My aims for the Quest were to build in extra strength training on at least three non running days each week. That was the easy bit and I can report success in that area. The problem has been my running. Last Monday I cautiously completed Week 3 in my return to running, with the only discernible blip being that I had to use my watch for timing as my phone battery was dead…...doh!

I looked forward to stepping things back up in W4, but on Tuesday evening I got up off the settee (yes, I know I shouldn’t be on it) and my left knee displayed all the symptoms of instability that had me on the IC for five months. A quick check on Wednesday morning confirmed that running was out of the question……..after six years of running I know pretty much what my susceptibilities are and when it is unwise to push…… no running for the rest of the week.

On Friday, Mme da Truffe et moi, headed up to the glorious Exmoor coastline and caught the Autumn sunset in the above photo……..stunning. Saturday morning we headed out on a walk across this rugged landscape, knowing that my knee might force me to cut it all short…… didn’t. Ten miles or so later the knee felt much more stable and pain free……..perhaps I had not been doing enough extra strengthening exercises!! Sunday, still feeling good, although not quite ready to run again. Tuesday maybe?

So how are you all getting on?

For those who are new here, what is the Quest all about?

It is apparent from many of the posts that we reply to, that many feel a little lost after Graduation.

It is tempting to move on too quickly after Graduation, and quite a few folk feel that they take backward steps or are doing something wrong when things don't progress as they think they should.

This is a terrific place to find the advice you need, read other folks' goals, and to encourage each other as you move on to the next running adventure. Listen to some of the seasoned Graduates too, they are a bit further on in their adventures and may be able to give you more in-depth information:)

So please feel free to join in if you have graduated. We will be running these Quests every month, updating weekly, so don’t worry you can join in any time after Graduation, it doesn’t matter when it is even if it is just for the last week.

Also please join if you have graduated and are on the IC, We have found reading and supporting other runners when we are on the IC helps to keep motivation up and helps to still feel part of this community so if you are on the IC put your name down, we will support you all the way back to your first recovery run.

Here is the explanation of what the Quest is.


The Quest lasts for a calendar month

You can join any time within that time.

The main aim of the Quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

We ask that you are a GRADUATE.

The main reason we ask this is that while you are doing the programme your plan is very structured, so we wouldn't want the Quest to interfere with that.

The most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week---Different distances maybe and with 30 minute runs in there

To slowly increase distance

To train, ultimately, for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week we will pin a new post where all the members of the Quest can talk about how things are going.

Our advice to you, is to make your goals achievable, as it is very easy to get discouraged if you aim too high. It is better to aim a little lower and feel great at the end of the Quest and add some more in for the next Quest. Motivation is at its best when you feel a sense of achievement through something you are trying to do and becoming part of the Quest may help you commit and be more accountable.

For me, the aim for Week 2 of the Quest is to make sure that I do strength training on at least three non run days per week…..and who knows, maybe even run……...what will you do?

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Wonderful photo & very pleased to hear that your knee coped with a good lengthed walk. Good luck with re-emerging into running. 😄

I am on the IC (back injury not related to running) & have been there most of 2019. However I can now cycle, & so the bike is my “maintain some fitness” friend for now. - Much better than nothing. 😃

C25K, I will joyfully re- greet you when I can!


I always enjoy reading IannodaTruffe - so knowledgable and sensible. I haven’t run since November, not long after I graduated and was getting ‘a bit lost’ as to what to do next. Unfortunately the ligament around my ankle decided for me! I do miss my running because it made me feel good and I’m looking forward to starting C25K again and now this Quest! Something else to look forward to - brilliant. Thanks for this - I’m seeing light at the end of that tunnel. I’ll tune in to this now and watch everyone else’s progress 👏

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This forum can help maintain a psychological and emotional link with running, even when we are stuck on the IC, so you are very welcome.

Do you have any specific aims?


IC? Am I being stupid? - please enlighten me!

I do a Callanetics class once a week and am constantly trying to do a bit of yoga every day - I get to the 5th or 6th day and life takes over again. I’m in France atm so am managing to do a bit of cycling which I also enjoy. My main aim is to be supple, fit and strong - in body and mind - not always easy nowadays. When you talk of strength training what kind of things are you doing? I’m not terribly good at organising my regime - never quite sure where to start 🤔! Advice accepted gratefully 😊


Injury obvious when you know.

I use an Android app called Home Workout, which has several basic workouts, all of which can be customised for duration. The one I use as a basis is the Classic seven minute workout, with extra warm up and stretching, alongside the exercises given me by my physio.

This gives a general workout, working on most major muscle groups.


Injury couch! Like you say, so obvious and I’m reclining on that particular couch atm.

I’ll check out the Home Workout!

Diet is also a puzzle to me - I think I should maybe eat more protein to ‘keep me going’ and keep me stronger?


If you already have a good broad balanced diet then there is no need to add anything extra for C25K.

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Hi, I'm interested in the app you mentioned. When I search though, there's quite a lot of apps called Home Workout and a lot seem to be aimed at bodybuilders! Which one are you using? I should be able to find it if you could let me know who the developer is please? Thanks 😊


The one I use is by Simple Design Ltd.


Thank you, that helped me find it, looks good 👍


Moderate sort of a week for me. Didn't make it into the pool at all as a monthly group walk on the Eastern Moors took precedence (and was lovely), one short run (after which I picked blackberries for crumble), 4 days of yoga, of which two were classes... so by no means derailed, and making my fitness goals work for me rather than the other way round, but some pace to pick up.

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It sounds like you have arrived at the sort of balance that everyone should aim get the relevant exercise within the bounds of your daily life.


Taking part in the forum Quests is a big help... I've had a free course in goal setting!


Glad your knee is getting stronger so good luck with that.

My aim is to run 3 times a week sometimes 4 and a parkrun every second Saturday. 😊


Knee held up to a rerun of a W3 run this morning, so looking good.

You seem to have built a good regime that will help maintain the habit long-term.


Nice goals!

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I've been keeping up my 30 minute runs (in fact the last two were a comfortable 33 mins) and have done the knee exercises twice a week. I think that is probably enough on the knees as I do lots of other exercise and am struggling to fit it all in 😁I go on two longer dog walks a week and play badminton. In the beginning of C25K I did less badminton thinking I would be overdoing things, but I've come to realise that this exercise is probably more helping than hindering as I am doing involuntary squats and other strength exercises as I pad around the court! I spend ages stretching everything I can think of after exercise, especially ligaments around my knees and it seems to be helping - so much so that I'm hoping to do my first parkrun this Saturday on a fairly local, very flat course 😊


Do you have a target for the Quest.


Oh, I thought we were updating on progress from what we said last week 🙈 It's still the same for me, though my 3 x 30min runs could be 3 x 33mins each week, 2 x knee exercises, trying out a new exercise each week (planks first) and the parkrun I wanted to do this month I've set for this Saturday!


inspirational and wise :-)


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