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how to slow down?

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So this is my second time around, last time I got up to week 6 before my first 5k race, I didn’t manage to run it all but completed In 43.38 which o was really pleased with.

Iv signed up for 5 5k races this coming year as well as 2 obstacles runs and Tough Mudder, which feels a bit mad now!

Iv been doing most of my runs on the treadmill as I find I can control my speed much easier and get through my runs with less trauma.

Is there any advice I can get on how to control my speed road running? I find I’m naturally a lot faster then an it tires me out but going slower feels almost like I’m not movin.


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Music may help... if you work out your cadence and then match music to that... is a good site for this... then it’s all about practice really as you may not be allowed music in the events and probably won’t want it at tough mudder!

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The easiest way is to run with someone who has a naturally slower pace than you.

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Run up lots and lots of hills... and if you still find you are moving too fast.. run up them backwards:) Seriously..hill work... and take the advice from IannodaTruffe :)

Thank you, I’ll give all those tips a go.

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